100% Pro-Life

We must protect the innocent unborn. I believe that a child’s life begins at conception.

100% Pro-2nd Amendment

We must protect our right to bear arms. I’ll stand with you to stop our federal government from taking away our freedom and the right to protect ourselves and our families.

Healthcare Reform

Obamacare is broken. As a physician, I see the problems with it everyday and know I can offer solutions to improve it. Let’s fix our healthcare system by letting patients work with their family physicians to enable the greatest possible healthcare.

I am against expanding Medicaid in Louisiana and I believe the Affordable Care Act is a failure that must be reformed either through repeal or new legislation. I would vote to repeal it on every level at every opportunity, but the House has tried that all or nothing approach and it has failed every time. If we can’t repeal it, we need to change it piece by piece, incorporating the things that do work in a new bill.

Veterans – Never Forget

What a tragedy that our Veterans are dying while waiting for competent healthcare. Every freedom we enjoy is directly related to the service and the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. We Owe Them.

No New Taxes

No new taxes for businesses and individuals. America has been taxed to the point of Bankruptcy. If our government spent his/her tax money wisely and frugally, there would be far less national debt and the average American household income would be higher. How novel an idea that the government should budget our tax money just as the average American MUST budget our family incomes to survive. YOU already pay more than your “fair share”.

No Career Politicians

Men and women should serve in Congress to give back to their communities and not consider it a profession. I support term limits for Members of Congress.

No Salary

It should be an honor and a privilege to serve your country and NOT a paid position. If law dictates a salary, then I will donate the salary ($174,000/year) to charities; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Independence Fund (provides TRACK Chairs for wounded Veterans who are missing both arms and legs or paralyzed.) YOU should not pay a penny for representation.


Dr. Ralph Abraham grew up in Northeast Louisiana and attended college at LSU. Married for 39 years, Ralph and his wife Dianne are the proud parents of three children. As a physician Ralph has made several mission trips worldwide, and has used his skills as a pilot in the military auxiliary and to fly humanitarian missions. As your elected representative, Ralph will bring the tenacity needed to get the job done effectively and the compassion to make sure it is done morally right. Learn More.

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